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Man Acquitted of Rape Charges, Gets Compensation of 15L

Devanshi Doshi

Santosh, who was accused of rape as a college student, was rewarded a compensation of ₹ 15 lakhs by the Chennai Court after his acquittal. 

Santosh was accused of rape when he was in college in 2009. The trials lasted almost 7 years before the court passed a judgment in his favour. 

Santosh and the alleged rape victim were neighbours. The families belonged to the same community and had decided to get the two married. However, the two families separated because of property dispute. Santhosh had enrolled for BTech in a private engineering college. Later, the alleged victim’s mother accused Santosh of having impregnated her daughter and demanded for their marriage. When Santosh denied her claims, she and her family accused him of rape. 

He was remanded to judicial custody for 95 days. In 2010, he was released on bail. He was acquitted of rape by a Mahila Court in Chennai in 2016. This acquittal followed the DNA test of the child which proved that Santosh wasn’t the father of the child.  

The engineering aspirant was made to discontinue his admission in the private college he had enrolled for due to this case. The case not only destroyed his reputation but also put his career at stake. He was also not able to get a commercial driving license and was forced to work as an office assistant for a pittance. Fighting this false case cost him a total of ₹ 2 lakhs. In compensation to all of what he incurred, Santosh demanded ₹ 30 lakhs. A city court of Chennai granted him a compensation of ₹ 15 lakhs. They further asked the family who accused Santosh wrongly to compensate this amount because they were the one who caused him the sufferance. The XVIII additional city civil court in Chennai awarded the compensation payable by the complainants, however, refused to order a decree against the investigating officer.

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