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Maharashtra lockdown: “Additional restrictions to be announced within 2 days,” says CM Thackeray

Rida Shaikh

Maharashtra 1 lakh Covid cases

There is a strong possibility of Maharashtra lockdown as the cases in the State continue to rise at an alarming rate. Chief Minister Udhhav Thackeray on Friday stated that the possibility of imposing lockdown in the state cannot be ruled out at any costs if the coronavirus cases continue to rise at an alarming rate. Uddhav Thackeray said, “I cannot rule out the possibility of imposing a lockdown in Maharashtra if the COVID-19 cases continue to rise and the people continue to violate the norms and restrictions. People are becoming very casual and unconcerned as the days continue to pass. We are now finding ourselves in a very tricky situation. Should we be more concerned about the economy or people’s health?”

On Friday, Maharashtra saw a fresh and a very high surge in the daily coronavirus infections tally. The State witnessed 47,827 new cases of the virus and 202 deaths. This has increased the chances of Maharashtra to go under lockdown again.

Udhhav Thackeray furthermore said, “We will completely exhaust our infrastructure after fifteen days. And if this situation continues to prevail then I will be left with no other option. I am warning the citizens of Maharashtra of a lockdown today, not announcing it. I will talk to more people over the next few days but if nothing pans out then I will not have any other way out of this complex situation other than imposing a lockdown.”

Thackeray informed that the State health and official authorities will announce additional restrictions within the next two days. The State recorded its highest number of daily coronavirus infections on Friday ever since the pandemic hit. Several districts have already imposed strict restrictions but citizens continue to violate them.

Maharashtra’s coronavirus tally for Friday contributed to more than half of the country’s total infections. India recorded over 81,000 new cases and Maharashtra contributed the most to it. The new infections took the country’s total tally to 1.23 crore and India now is the third-worst hit country in the world after the United States of America and Brazil.


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