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Madhya Pradesh: BMW driven industrialists ride bullock carts to work

Vishnu Vasisht

The Palada industrial area in Indore had a different view on Saturday. Industrialists who used to come to the factory every day by cars like BMW, Audi, were seen riding on bullock carts. These people parked the cars outside the industrial area and then reached the factory in a bullock cart of goods transporters. These industrialists, carrying a laptop on the shoulder, were staging a protest against the potholed and mud-laden road.

It was initiated by Pramod Jain, president of Palada Industrial Organization, secretary Harish Nagar and Ramesh Patel. Secretary Nagar said that the condition of the area has deteriorated due to rain for two-three days. The Palada Industrial Organization has been demanding to build the road for 9 years, but nothing has happened. The road has become useless in the last two to three rains. The place is full of pits and water.

After reaching the factory by bullock cart, industrialists brought their luxury car with their driver.

Narendra Saluja, media coordinator of Congress state President Kamal Nath, tweeted the photos.

He drew attention of CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan and wrote, "Shivraj ji, kindly pay attention to the condition of the roads of Palada Industrial Area where industrialists, troubled by mud-pits on the road, are leaving their cars and going on bullock carts."

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