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Lootcase Film Review: Strong performances and well crafted segments makes this film an entertaining ride.

Aakash Mishra

At times, you feel like no other forces are after the suitcase and it’s all about Nandan finding the right places to hide and smart ways to spend the money.

In a scene, Nandan is assumed to be a henchman and a gun-holding informant asks him “Tu kiska aadmi hai? Abdul?Omar? (both are gangsters)” to which Nandan (Kunal Khemu) innocently replies “ Nahi, Lata ka(his wife).” Disney+Hotstar’s Lootcase is filled with delicate gags like this and it interestingly puts a common man in an uncommon situation. Lootcase much like Delhi Belly works as a satire on urban India. The film constantly tries to evoke humor in the most ordinary and unexpected situations and being extraordinary in ordinary situations, that’s what actually makes the whole film entertaining to watch.

Nandan(Kunal Khemu) works as a machine-man in a local printing press. One day while returning from work and using a public toilet, he founds a suitcase filled with money. He sincerely asks “ Mein last time puch raha hu, yeh bag kiska hai ?” after getting no reply he takes the suitcase and hides it in his neighbor’s flat, who gave keys to him before going to his hometown. Much like Netflix’s recent release Choked, his main struggle is hiding and spending the loot without falling under any suspicion from anyone. This loot is actually the black money of MLA Patil (Gajraj Rao) who gave a job to one of his known gangsters to transfer the suitcase to another person but a simple transaction suddenly becomes a gang war and somehow Nandan unknowingly falls in the middle of this mess.

The film doesn’t provide the “money transfer” comedy like Hera Pheri or something but it finds it comical aspects in the stashing of the looted money. Throughout the film, you will see how cleverly, Nandan hides the money in the most obvious yet unexpected places. At times, you feel like no other forces are after the suitcase and it’s all about Nandan finding the right places to hide and smart ways to spend the money. The chemistry between Nandan and Lata(Rasika Dugal) is delightful, their ‘dirty-jokes’ are cringy yet charming enough to admire their chemistry.

The film does have some weak points. It starts with a silly voiceover that doesn’t help the narrative by stating the obvious things. In some places, the film looks too focused on exploring the arc of Nandan hiding and spending the money that it completely forgets about the other characters. The other characters especially Vijay Raaz as Abdul and Gajraj Rao as Patil are an absolute treat to watch. Vijay Raaz is constantly throwing metaphors by comparing every situation to the everyday life of a certain animal. He is constantly shouting for his men to buy the subscription of NatGeo so that they could learn by observing the animals. While Gajraj Rao as MLA Patil is passive-aggressive and manipulates everyone in doing a task yet says he never intended to do so. Ranvir Shorey plays the role of a cop who made a sealed bookstore, his working den, and stays careful of not erasing the marked borders of dead bodies in the old crime scene.

The music isn’t something out of the box, even a simple song based on a party with no booze manages to fit in the narrative. The ending is just like another Bollywood comedy film, where all the forces meet and a shootout happens. Overall, Lootcase isn’t a highly hilarious ride related to heist but it still manages to have its humorous moments because of the great assemble of the cast and some well-crafted segments.

Cast: Rasika Dugal, Kunal Khemu, Vijay Raaz, Gajraj Rao, Ranvir Shorey.



Director: Rajesh Krishnan.



Streaming Disney+Hotstar.



Verdict: An entertaining ride filled with amazing performances.


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