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Literacy and Physical Therapy Day: Make the world socially moving

Shubham Sharma

The 8th day of September marks 2 very crucial events. The day is globally dedicated to Literacy and Physical Therapy. Yes, International Literacy Day and World Therapy Day are celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm across the world. 

Literacy: Still to travel miles

Talking about the former, Literacy means being able to read and write. This reading and writing are boundless of language, religion, caste, gender or colour. Also, it doesn't require the expertise of the principle language. It just requires a basic mutual understanding. The link through which one can verbally or subjectively express his/her thoughts. A way of being away from being fooled in this witty world of wicked Hippocrates. 

Sadly, Indian literacy still stands at 77%. This is too, with an upper edge of disparity between males and females. The former lies at 84%, while the latter at 70%. Andhra Pradesh is the most illiterate state with 66% literacy rate. On the other hand, Kerala is at the apex with 96%.  

Talking about developed countries, USA too has a mere literacy rate of 86% ranking 125 out of 197 countries.  On the contrary, Russia is the country with more than 99% literacy rate. North Korea has reportedly shown a literacy rate of 100%.

The following data clearly depicts the disparity between genders, rich and poor. Even developed countries lay emphasis on capitalistic economy rather than making their citizens globally adjustable. 

Yes, the adjustability comes in hand with the literacy. Education too comes handy with the same. Thus, literacy is a global key of acceptability. Not limited to signatures, it makes you eligible to conversate with the vendors while buying vegetables as well.The problem of illiteracy is majorly observed in poverty stricken regions. The tribal communities too are still facing a hindrance in coping with the rest of the world. 

Thus, attempt to make a person literate to the fullest.Be it your grandmother, who never went to school or the maid who works in your house. Not only for the sake of humanity, but for a comfort that you have a given a new social life to a being. 

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Physiotherapists: Making the world mobile 

Now comes the another important event. The day of physical therapy, which we generally call physiotherapy also graces the day. Physiotherapists are the class of doctors who attempt to mobilise any immobilised or damaged part of one's body through certain movements. Be it the joint pain of older people, or your favourite IPL players undergoing cramps during the match, these physical doctors are the real players.  These saviours are the ones without stethoscope. Only with their moving fingers, they can cure your incurable disease. The techniques like acupressure, acupuncture assist them.

Pressing the pressure points are the tactics of which they are champions. Even with the fast moving world, their methods of treatment haven't changed.In corona times, they are still busy in their work, pressing  the pressure points knowing that this direct physical contact can lead to transmission of virus from the patients.Thus, it is imperative to realise the importance of these saviors as well. Let's not forget this special class of doctors. 

Summing up all, try to make the social world mobile, with eradicating illiteracy. Just as what physiotherapists do with the immobile region. 

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