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Gangetic Dolphin killed; caught on camera

Alok Parekh

Animal cruelty was observed as a Gangetic Dolphin was beaten to death in Uttar Pradesh.

Uttar Pradesh police on Friday, January 8 said that a Gangetic dolphin was beaten to death by a group of men in Pratapgarh. According to reports, the dolphin was killed on December 31 in the Sharda canal in the Nawabganj police station area. Forest Department immediately got in action and took the dead dolphin into custody after coming to know about the incident. The incident led to the arrest of three accused.

Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Dinesh Dwivedi, said that the three accused and arrested belonged to the Rae Bareli district. He also stated that those three men could not take the dead dolphin due to its heavy-weight.
A video was recorded where the men are seen beating the aquatic mammal using sticks and axes. They first trapped it in a net and then held the dolphin by its fin. They were clearly seen assaulting the animal till the water turned red with its blood. It was found that the dolphin had agonized several injuries, along with some serious wounds from the axes.

According to sources Inspector Jitendra Singh of Pratapgarh Police said that Rahul, 20 years, Anuj, 20 years and Rahul, 19 years, were each arrested. A First Information Report (FIR) was lodged under Section 9/51 of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 at Nawabganj police station. The section states that if the accused are found guilty, they shall be punished with an imprisonment of three to seven years and a fine of at least INR 10,000.
A post-mortem of the dead dolphin was conducted. Pratapgarh police also added that the legal proceedings against the three men are going on and they are in process of finding the other accused.

It was a Gangetic River Dolphin that was killed. It is an endangered animal and is considered to be a National Aquatic Animal.


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