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Kerala couple massively trolled for post-wedding photoshoot

Rida Shaikh

Newlywed Kerala couple received major backlash and trolls for their post-wedding photoshoot. Another case of moral policing and cyberbullying led the couple, Rishi and Lakshmi, to being massively trolled for their intimate post-wedding photoshoot.

Rishi Karthikeyan and Lakshmi got married on 16th September but due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, large scale festivities remained subdued. So, in order to celebrate their love, the couple chose to have a post-wedding photoshoot in the tea gardens of Idukki. They roped in a photographer friend of theirs to do the same.

The photoshoot was designated for celebrating the couples love and commemorating their wedding in a fun yet intimate and passionate style. Nevertheless, the moment they uploaded the photographs on social media, they were met with huge and massive trolls and backlash. In the photographs, the couple seemed to be draped in only white sheets while playfully running around the tea gardens.

As per the report published in The News Minute, the couple was incessantly slammed for their ‘indecent' and ‘inappropriate’ photographs. Lakshmi was also constantly slammed for her ‘nudity.’

Lakshmi told TNM, "On the internet, they slut shamed me and insulted my family and posed questions such as “are you wearing clothes underneath?’ The couple's friends and family advised them to take down the photos to maintain their privacy. But the newly married couple is stern on their decision to not take down the photos. The couple didn’t want a cliché and usual wedding photo shoot in which the bride and groom wore traditional clothes.

Since it was a post wedding photo shoot, the photographer thought of something out of the box to showcase the fun as well as the intimacy between a married couple. Nevertheless, this is not the first time that a couple from Kerala has been trolled for their wedding photo shoot. Earlier, a couple was trolled for holding placards that displayed that they were against the CAA and NRC. The placards read “No CAA” and “No NRC.”



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