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Kashmir all set to observe 22nd October as ‘Black Day’

Rida Shaikh

A decision has been taken to observe the 22nd of October as “Black Day” to remember the atrocities committed by the Pakistani raiders on the local population of Kashmir. Hoardings calling 22nd October a “Back Day” have been put up all around  Srinagar. The hoardings show how tribal raids were backed by the Pakistani Army which caused turmoil and conflict in the Kashmir Valley.

It has been decided to observe the anniversary as “Black Day” in an effort to remind the world how Pakistan has been responsible for the constant unrest in the region of Kashmir. This unrest has led to various conflicts, violence and terrorism in Kashmir.

The government sources also confirmed that they will be setting up a museum that will track the history of the raid and will show the atrocities committed by tribal raiders who were supported by the Pakistani Army. An official stated, “An exhibition and a two-day symposium have also been planned on October 22 in Srinagar.”

Tribal raiders invaded the regions in Kashmir and illegally occupied some areas which led to a military conflict between India and Pakistan. Since 22nd October, 1947, the Line of Control (LoC) has divided Kashmir with one portion still illegally under the capture of Pakistan. Military face-offs have continued since then at the border between the Indian and Pakistani military troops. Pakistan has been constantly trying to infiltrate terrorists into the Indian region of Kashmir.

In 2019, the Indian Government abrogated the Article 370 and 35A that provided special status to Kashmir. The parliament passed two resolutions regarding this. One of the resolutions was to end the special status of Jammu and Kashmir and the other one aimed to bifurcate it into two union territories, namely, Jammu and Kashmir, and Ladakh. Both the territories come under direct central rule. Pakistan has opposed this move in the past but India stayed stern on their decision and stated that it was an internal matter.


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  1. […] Kashmir all set to observe 22nd October as ‘Black Day’ October 21, 2020 […]

  2. […] Kashmir all set to observe 22nd October as ‘Black Day’ October 21, 2020 […]

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