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Universities called a meeting to take decision about students evaluation

Debanjana Dutta

The Department of Higher Education’s advisory on examinations and academic year has reached the state universities. Concerned universities will discuss in a few days the manner in which the assessment of students without examinations has been discussed.

At Jadavpur University, it was decided earlier that in case of final semester assessment of engineering students, 60 per cent marks will be taken from home assignment and 30 per cent marks will be taken from the previous semester. Equal emphasis was placed on home assignment and previous semester marks in science. In the arts section, it was decided to divide it into 40 percent and 80 percent. But in the guidelines of the state government, in the case of final semester and final year (Part III), 70 per cent-20 per cent division has been mentioned. It has also been informed that no test can be taken. The best result in the previous semesters was 60 percent marks. 20 percent will come from internal assessment. Most engineering students have already submitted home assignments. On Monday, Vice-Chancellor Chiranjeev Bhattacharya said a meeting of the board on examinations was called on Wednesday after the government guidelines came out. He said the decision was not yet effective in the arts and sciences department and could be assessed as per the guidelines.

On the other hand, Calcutta University and West Bengal State University have Part Three candidates. There is no internal assessment system in their case. Therefore, the Calcutta University authorities are calling a syndicate meeting to discuss where the 20 per cent marks will be given from. West Bengal State University Vice-Chancellor Basab Chowdhury said a meeting of the working committee has been called. Calcutta University Vice-Chancellor Sonali Chakraborty Bandyopadhyay had earlier said that they were wondering whether the test number could be considered as an internal assessment number. In the case of Presidency University, it was decided long ago that there would be a 50-50 split. The matter was reported to the higher education department. Students’ projects have already been submitted. University sources said it would be inconvenient to take government advice in this situation.

The SFI has opposed this guideline. State Secretary Srijan Bhattacharya said the guidelines were unable to address the crisis in the education system in the current situation.

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