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Taxi Unions demanded fare hike, meet officials at Nabanna

Debanjana Dutta

Several taxi organizations had earlier written to the state government demanding an increase in fares due to the increase in diesel price by more than Rs 9 per liter. Amitabh Sengupta, director of the Public Transport Department (PVD), had a meeting with representatives of three taxi organizations on Thursday.

It is learned that the government has asked for time till July 15 to consider the demands of the taxi organizations in the meeting. The taxi companies have demanded to increase the fare from Rs30 to Rs50 instead of Rs 30 and from Rs 15 to Rs 25 per kilometer.

On the same day, Bimal Guha, general secretary of the Bengal Taxi Association, said, “The last time the fare went up was two years ago. Due to the increased price of diesel, it is becoming difficult to provide services. If the fare does not increase, we will call for the service to be discontinued after July 15. ”

The Calcutta Taxi Association has made a similar demand. Shambhunath Dey, general secretary of the Progressive Taxi Men’s Union, who was present at the meeting, did not say whether the service would be stopped. However, he supported the demand to increase the fare due to the increase in diesel price. There was also a demand to form an expert committee to look into the demand for rent increase. All the organizations have demanded health insurance for taxi drivers in Corona. However, none of the officials of the transport department wanted to open their mouths regarding the demand for increased fares. A meeting has been called again next month on this issue. The news is that the government wants to take the next step with the fare after seeing how many passengers there will be then .

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