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Sean Mcdonald

Player Unknown BattleGrounds (PUBG) Mobile, have recently announced the launch of a new map that will be available on the game soon and is ready to take the Battle Royale genre by storm. The new Map will be titled ‘Livik’. It is still not available on the main version of the game and the launch announcement did not specify an exact date either but speculation is that the game will arrive with the latest 0.19.0 Update along with the new Season 14. It is however, available in the beta version as a secret map for enthusiastic players to try. The beta map is far from complete though and reports are that it is filled with bugs and glitches. This map will be exclusively available for the Mobile version and the PC game will likely not be getting the map anytime soon.

From the preview, we can see that the map is a culmination of all the four previous maps; Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar, and Vikendi. There are snow covered mountains, grasslands and barren deserts to be seen. It was initially suspected that the nap would be named ‘Fourex’ because of the combination, but that does not seem the case. There has been a lot of attention to detail paid in the creation of the map. The visuals are more colourful and the background is beautiful with lush greenery and pink flowers. This is a new direction that PUBG has taken.

‘Livik’ is based on a Nordic terrain designed for playing quick matches on the go. It is a very small map measuring just 2 km by 2km and supports a maximum of just 40 players. The idea was to create a space where matches could be played quickly; according to the developers, games on Livik last around 15 minutes each. Li says the map was inspired by players who wanted the option to squeeze in a quick match whenever they had the time. “The initiative for this map is bringing more flexibility to those players who have tighter schedules and circumstances to accommodate for,” he explains.

The new map does retain some of the classic elements which include the presence of the common PUBG vehicles such as the motorbike, UAZ, buggy and other. Buildings are given an overhaul to make way for classic windmills and broken castles.

Here is a list of the major changes in the new map apart from the apparent visible changes.

  • A beautiful waterfall that comes down in two jumps and meeting to the river passed through the map. PUBG have taken a huge step in tinkering with fluid dynamics to add a new flair to the game. “The characteristic of the waterfall is the real physical impact of the water flow. Players might even get washed away by rapid water flow when standing on the top of the waterfall. You can also prep with new surprise tactics, such as launching a motorboat off the top of a waterfall to the water below on an unsuspecting team. That is something we’re really excited to see and we believe we can bring the most realistic battlefield experience to our players by constantly innovating while also keeping true to our core battle royale gameplay.” Quotes Li.
  • A place full of hot-springs and the best thing about these it helps to regain a limited amount of health just like health drinks.
  • New monster truck that has the ability to traverse over boulders.
  • Lastly, as it is a new map, you will get more than enough loot in no time after landing.

This new map is an indicator that PUBG is willing to experiment and adapt to various platforms, which has largely led to its success.  Players cannot wait to experience the new gaming experience in full effect. PUBG has promised to take player suggestions into consideration and continue to innovate.

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