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Fire broke out in two-story house of Behala Pornshree, mother and daughter burnt to death!

Debanjana Dutta

The mother and daughter died of burns. The incident took place on Saturday afternoon at Dwijen Mukherjee Road in Pornshree Thana area. It is learned that the people of the area heard the sound of a loud explosion from a two-story house on Dwijen Mukherjee Road between 12 noon and 1 pm. They went out and saw that the house was on fire.

The fire brigade was immediately informed. Two fire engines arrive at the scene. Members of the Calcutta Police Disaster Response Force also reached the spot. Several residents of the house were trapped in the fire. They were rescued by the fire brigade and disaster response forces. But firefighters recovered the burnt bodies of 8-year-old Soma Mitra and her daughter Kakli Mitra, 44, residents of the same house. According to police sources, they were lying dead inside the house.

After the rescue operation was completed, the firefighters claimed that the explosion was caused by a short circuit. At first it was thought that the gas cylinder had exploded. But all the gas cylinders in the house were found intact. A total of five people were in the house at the time of the incident. Soma and Kakalidevi were on the second floor. Their burnt bodies were recovered. On one floor were Chitra Ghosh, Mausumi Ghosh and Hirak Ghosh. All three of them were rescued unharmed.
Firefighters claimed the fire was mainly on the second floor. An electronic device is believed to have caused the explosion and fire.

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