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Curiosity regarding Sourav Ganguly to catch the bat on ICC pitch this time

Debanjana Dutta

Saurabh Gangopadhyay and Joy Shah will have to take a decision in the next few days while they are stuck at home in the lockdown. The Indian board will have to decide whether they will fight for the top spot in the ICC in response to the wishes of many in world cricket.

The outgoing chairman of the cricket governing body is also an Indian – Shashank Manohar. Although the relationship of the Indian board with him is not at all friendly. Indian board officials believe Manohar has curtailed their power in the ICC. According to the constitution, there is no difficulty in becoming the chairman again from India.

South Africa, a strong cricketing country like Australia, wants someone to come and take the helm with a strong hand in a crisis like the coronavirus. Someone’s direct suggestion, let Sourav Ganguly be the new ICC head. Graeme Smith made this claim. David Gower says Sourav is the most qualified person.

The ICC wants to complete the process of selecting the next chairman by July. This means that the board officials have about fifteen days to make the final decision. Discussions have started in the inner court of the board. It was also heard that boards of other countries have been seen playing with Sourav’s nomination. News that a significant response has been received. However, the final decision has not been made yet.

Pakistan’s Ehsan Mani has withdrawn from the race for ICC chairman. The name of Imran Khoja of Singapore was heard. Now his demand is not so strong. Colin Graves of England is very interested. But the latest news is that there is not enough support for him either. Talking to a few other board officials, it seems that New Zealand’s Greg Berkeley could emerge as the ‘Dark Horse’. Hadley has been a director on the country’s board since 2012. He now represents New Zealand in the ICC.

The eyes of the cricket world are on India though. Speaking in informed quarters in different parts of the country, it was understood that Saurabh’s going to ICC or not depends on multiple issues. First, the Indian board has already applied to the Supreme Court for an extension of the terms of President Sourav and Secretary Joy Shah. The Supreme Court has not yet announced the date of the hearing. As per the calculations, the term of Saurabh-Jay, who took office in September, is expected to expire in July. There is also curiosity as to whether Sourav will become the face of the BJP by re-emerging in the political arena. However, according to informed sources, fighting for the political future is not stuck at the moment. If Saurabh’s term is extended by overturning the Lodha Committee’s recommendation, the picture of the race to become ICC chairman may change. At that time, Sourav was more likely to remain as the President of the Indian Board. He is not as interested in the post of ICC chief as he is in the Indian board. On top of that, there is a feeling even among the top officials of the board that Sourav’s departure could tarnish the image of the board created four years later by facing the most successful captain.

Another name is being heard in the cricket circles of the capital as a possible candidate for the post of ICC chairman – Anurag Tagore. But amid the worrying coronavirus crisis and the economic crisis as a whole, there is a strong debate as to whether the party high command will now release Finance Minister Anurag for an administrative post in cricket.

There is also controversy over whether Anurag is holding back the ICC chairman’s qualifications. Some say it is forbidden for political representatives to hold office in regulatory bodies. Again, the counter-question of the fans was, “Sharad Pawar became the head of the ICC!”

The third name, which is moving lightly, is on the verge of being canceled – N Srinivasan. He is over seventy years old. Cannot be a representative of the Indian Board, as directed by the Supreme Court. On top of that, his son-in-law Gurunath Miyappan may also be caught in the act of being arrested for cricket gambling.

In the next few days, in the midst of the Corona panic, the discussion on the ICC masnad may become heated. Some are reminded, as Saurabh history says, that he likes to hold the bat in moments of crisis. Imposing an aggressive, undefeated attitude in Indian cricket by becoming the captain in the difficult post-match chapters.The new president of the board returns from a long four-year exile. Corona is now calling for the ICC and the cricket boards of various countries to take the lead. Even if the Indian board is his first choice, how long will it take for the situation to change?

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