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JP Nadda assures implementation of CAA; Mahua Moitra gives befitting reply

Rida Shaikh

On Monday, the BJP national President JP Nadda said that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic postponed the execution of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA). He furthermore affirmed that it will be implemented soon enough.

JP Nadda was speaking at a meeting of social groups of North Bengal. At the meeting, he accused the Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee of indulging in and acting on “divide and rule politics”. He said that she is doing this merely to serve and satisfy the political interests of her party- Trinamool Congress, unlike the BJP.

Nadda said, “s far as the CAA is concerned, it has already been passed in parliament. All of you will get the benefits of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act. We are committed to it. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, its implementation got delayed. But as the situation is slowly improving, the work has started. The rules are now being framed and CAA will be implemented very soon. Under this act, all the eligible people will definitely get Indian citizenship.”

The social groups meeting at which JP Nadda spoke included Dalits, Gorkhas, Rajbanshis, and various other tribes. Various groups have urged him for the early implementation of the CAA as there is a vast population of refugees from erstwhile East Pakistan in North Bengal.

The CAA will be a major poll plank for BJP in the upcoming Assembly Elections. According to the State BJP sources, CAA is reported to benefit more than 1.5 crore people across the country and more than 72 lakh people in the state of Bengal. While talking at the social group meeting, JP Nadda slammed the TMC Government for its “divide and rule policy” in Bengal. He claimed that only Prime Minister Narendra Modi can take everybody along as he believes and walks by the policy of “development for all.”

He said, “On one hand you have Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji who works for the development for all and on the other hand, you have West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee who has enacted the policy of divide and rule to serve TMC’s political interests and aims. BJP’s philosophy is to take everyone along, but the philosophy of TMC divides the society and that party indulges in the politics of vote bank during the elections.”


Responding to JP Nadda’s promise of the implementation of the CAA, Mahau Moitra warned them by saying that “we will show you the door long before we show you our papers.” Earlier in 2020, TMC member of Parliament had accused the govenrmet ruled by BJP of betraying the voters. She said that nobody wants to be a part of the “us versus them” debate. Mahua Moitra had made a hard attack on the government saying that it should not go beyond the tenets of democracy or arrogate any extra-constitutional authority.

Mahua Moitra allegedly accused the BJP-run government of “betrayal of the body politic” and said that people took to the streets to protests against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, the National Population Register (NPR), and the National Register of Citizens (NRC).


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  1. […] JP Nadda assures implementation of CAA; Mahua Moitra gives befitting reply October 20, 2020 […]

  2. […] JP Nadda assures implementation of CAA; Mahua Moitra gives befitting reply October 20, 2020 […]

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