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Journey of Miss Harshha from an introvert girl to winning the hearts of numerous people with her uncountable talents!

Rida Shaikh

You might have read about people mastering several arts in books or might have seen them in movies. But have you ever wondered if they do exist in real life as well? To answer your question- YES, they absolutely do! Somewhat similar is the story of Miss Harshha.

Hailing from a small town, she has transformed herself into an amazing and intimidating personality. From being an introvert girl to compelling everyone with her powerful speeches, Miss Harshha has truly developed and achieved something extremely significant.

She is a Change Influencer, Makeup artist and educator, Makeover and Image Consultant, Make-up Enthusiast, Make-up and Beauty Consultant, and Public Speaker. She is also an Aromatherapist, a Cosmetologist, a Fashion, Makeup and Lifestyle Influencer. In short, she is an ‘All-in-one’ personality who has won the hearts of thousands of people with her commendable skills.

How did she become a Makeup Enthusiast? It was at the age young age of six when Miss Harshha fell head over heels in love with a charmingly bright red lipstick. Since then she has been dabbling with colours and now she has reached a stage where she paints live canvasses. Her commitment towards her passion- Makeup- led her to kick-starting her career in the same in 2009. She was honoured with the title of youngest manager at a multinational company. That was the moment when she leapt from a shy, introvert girl to a master of public speaking.

Miss Harshha started to develop her inner talents when she joined a renowned MLM company. She said, “The journey from being a loner who did not have any friends at all to becoming a person who consults people is a complete roller coaster. I don’t believe in struggles; it is a process which shapes you with time. It is not easy but whatever I choose brought ease in my life and it was worth it. But one thing was always clear to me that I want to do something around Fashion and Beauty. Over the years, the quest for becoming flawless in what I do has shaped up me”.

Her deep-rooted fervour for makeup has favoured her in becoming a well-known Makeup artist, Educator and Consultant. In the last eleven years, she has conducted over 500 workshops which aim at improving the creative skills of young makeup enthusiasts.

In order to dive in deep into the world of makeup, Miss Harshha completed a certified study of Aromatherapy and Cosmetology. After this, she launched her brand RUSBELLE. Her brand included handmade bath soaps and beauty care products.

Miss Harssha feels that there is much more to business than just a game of profit and loss. In her words, “Business is much more than a profit-loss game. You just cannot anchor yourself with the ship but sail the ship and feel the voyage. Business is the same. I started doing the things out of my growing passion for them and enjoying every part of the journey.”

Miss Harssha believes in the extraordinary. She believes in the generous and thoughtful way of lifestyle. She believes that the only way to express one's gratitude is to empower others by spreading joy and positivity. Truly difficult for the selfish minds of today to understand, right?


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