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Johnny Depp Says Feces in Bed Was Last Straw in Marriage to Amber Heard

Palak Talwar

On Friday, Johnny Depp said that he was left embittered by ex-wife Amber Heard's claims he abused her, which turned him from “Cinderella to Quasimodo” within the prominence.

He also said that the couple’s tumultuous marriage ramshackle the day, after a happening during which he accused Heard and her friends of defecating within the couple's bed. “I thought that was an extraordinarily fitting end to the link," he said.

During the three and a half days within the judicature witness stand, Depp described a volatile relationship with Heard that descended into screaming matches, which sometimes turned physical. But he has strongly denied hitting Heard and accused her of compiling a dossier of pretend claims against him as an “insurance policy.”

He said that one of the triggering incidents for the couple’s separation came when a cleaner found feces in a bed at their LA penthouse the morning after Heard’s 30th birthday celebration in April 2016.

Heard claims that they fought after the party and Depp threw a magnum bottle at her, but he denies her claims.

While neither Heard nor Depp is unproved, the case may be a showdown between the previous spouses, who accuse one another of being controlling, violent and deceitful during their tempestuous marriage.

Heard is attending the three-week trial and is scheduled to offer evidence next week.

Depp’s $50-million lawsuit is due to be heard next year.

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