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Jagdeep Dhankhar compares Mamata govt with autocracy of ‘Hirak Rajar Deshe’

Debanjana Dutta

In his first YouTube video on Thursday, Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar made serious allegations against the West Bengal government, saying that violence and corruption had become part of governance in Bengal. On the occasion of completing 1 year as Governor, Dhankhar uploaded the first video on YouTube. In this video, pictures of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Ministers, Lok Sabha Speaker, guests from India and abroad and visits to their different places are shown, in which Dhankar gave voice.

Dhankar compared the Trinamool Congress government to Satyajit Ray’s famous film ‘Hirak Rajar Desh’ (Diamond King’s Country) in 1980, which showed how a king enchanted by his diamond mines treated farmers, laborers and students as slaves. And is later removed from power by the people’s revolution.

The governor praised the history, heritage and people of Bengal and said that “some aspects of governance are a matter of concern. Violence, corruption and hooliganism have become part of the regime under police protection. I am sure Satyajit Ray never likes that what he showed in his film will ever be in his state West Bengal. ”

Dhankhar said, “This is a serious deterioration of democratic values. At the same time, he said that the rights of women have been compromised, fear of operation by police prevails in all, which has led to a sharp decline in trade, industry, education and service sectors. “The stampede of our youth and the workforce is scary and needs to be stopped,” Dhankhar said. He also said that fair elections are necessary to normalize democracy, but this is not possible through institutional rigging.

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