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IPL 2020: Prediction tweet from July viral, Winner revealed?

Vishnu Vasisht

viral prediction tweet

Prediction has nothing to do with astrology or cricket. Only the competitive day mood, skill and intense training of the respective team players will determine the successes and failures. Sometimes gambling in cricket also determines success or failure, that’s a different story.

Predicting winners and losers is common among cricket fans during the IPL. But what if almost everything you predicted becomes true?

With only 3 teams left in contention to lift the 13th edition of the IPL, a viral prediction tweet dated July 27 is among discussion on the internet. A cricket fan Mitul, had tweeted, "Yep yep, Kohli will be avg this IPL, CSK won’t reach Playoffs, RR will finish last, KXIP won’t reach Playoffs, SRH will win IPL, RCB will reach Playoffs with Delhi and MI".

The teams he predicted, as well as the places predicted in the points table, are correct. They have all qualified for the playoffs.

Predicting the 4 play-off teams is fine. But, predicting the last place has really put cricket lovers in awe. He also predicted a decent season for Virat Kohli, which turned out to be.

However, the viral prediction tweet also says that SRH will be the champions. It has to be waited and seen whether SRH will win this year or not.

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