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iPhone 12 Schematics Leaked

Vishnu Vasisht

Leaked schematics show that the camera notch of iPhone 12 is narrowed.

iPhone 12 schematics were leaked on the internet and the pictures show that Apple's upcoming iPhone 12 will have a narrower camera notch on the phone's display.

The pictures, posted on Twitter by Jon Prosser, show what appear to be official Apple schematics for iPhone 12.

According to the leaked image, we get an idea of how the new iPhone will keep Face ID in its new product. iPhone 12’s overall design was leaked, but a report mentioned that the notch was not yet narrowed. The iPhone 12 is expected to adopt a flattened frame.

iPhone 12 launch may delay from its expected release in September, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Notable iPhone 12 changes, according to the leaked schematics.

  • Reduced camera notch on the front.
  • A speaker could be placed on the top and not in between sensors.
  • The microphone will be moved to the top of the device's display in order to compress the size of the camera notch.

On the iPhone 11, the speaker is sandwiched in between the phone's front-facing sensors.
Retaining a smaller notch will also help to retain the Face ID hardware which unlocks the phone after scanning the face of the user.

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