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Insiders vs Outsiders: Post Sushant’s Death Singer Sonu Nigam Hints More Suicides in Bollywood

Ritika Singh

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Post Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide a new debate insiders vs outsiders has been initiated in Bollywood, singer Sonu Nigam took to Instagram to share a hard-hitting video and giving a reality check where he is talking about the struggles faced by singers in the music industry and hints more suicides in Bollywood.Sushant Singh Rajput Suicide: What! Karan Johar Unfollows Actors On Twitter, Checkout his Current Following

Watch Sonu Nigam’s vlog on Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide:

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You might soon hear about Suicides in the Music Industry.

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Sonu said, “Today, Sushant Singh Rajput, an actor has died. Tomorrow you can hear the same for any singer, music composer or lyricist because there’s a bigger mafia that exists in the music scene in India. I was lucky to debut at a young age and hence was able to flee from this whole mess quite early. But it’s a difficult scenario for the new kids.”

Further claiming in his vlog that two music companies control the music scene in India and decide who is going to sing in movies, Sonu Nigam added, “The producers, directors and music composers want to work with new talent, but since they don’t have a tie-up with a music company, they are unable to. The entire power is with only two companies and two people. They decide who should sing and who shouldn’t.”

Nigam, also shared his experience that the big gangsta music companies got him to record a songs which was later given to other singers because a certain big actor’s influence. “In my case, I’ve known of this same actor, who’s under scanner right now, telling not to give a particular song to me but Arijit Singh. So many of my songs got dubbed. I don’t ask for work. Yet, they call me, get me to record a song and then dub it, that’s funny. Now imagine, if they can do this with someone like me who’s been a part of the music industry since 1989, what they can do with the new kids. Even directors and producers are not happy because they aren’t allowed to make the music of their choice. I meet so many directors who say we don’t want a particular song, but it is the music companies’ demand.”

Actor Sushant Singh Rajput was found hanged in his Bandra Apartment on June 14, according to some media reports the actor committed suicide because of professional rivalry and triggered depression. Investigation is still on. Sushant will be long lived in hearts of his fans and closed ones. Kangana Ranaut on Sushant Singh Rajput : His Death was Not a Suicide, but a Planned Murder



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