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‘Indira Gandhi to be PM’, Indian newspapers found on French glacier; Could be from 1966 plane crash

Vishnu Vasisht

Some copies of Indian newspapers have been recovered from the melting glacier of Boson on France's Mont Blanc mountain range in Western Europe. The pages of these newspapers mention the election victory of Indira Gandhi in 1966. It is being told that these newspapers were kept in the Indian Air India Boeing 707 which crashed in 1966 which had fallen and disappeared in the mountains during the plane crash. The crew along with 177 passengers had died in this plane crash.

Even decades after the crash of the Indian plane, many things related to it have been available to the people. The remains of a recently found newspaper have been found by a French citizen named Timothee Motin. Timothe Motin runs a café-restaurant named La Cabane du Cerro. He got these newspapers from his report at an altitude of 1350 meters.

Resort owner Timothe Motin, quoting The Guardian newspaper and other agencies in the UK, has informed the local French daily 'Le Dauphine Libere' that the newspapers are still in good condition after so many years. He says, "Newspapers are drying up now, but they are in very good condition. You can read them. He said 'this is not unusual. Every time we go to the glacier with friends, we have been finding the remains of the accident"

French citizen Timothe Motin has received copies of more than a dozen Indian newspapers. It mainly consists of copies of "National Herald" and "Economic Times". Motin said he was lucky when he did so. He says that newspapers were involved in snow for almost six decades. They say that the glacier has probably melted. He says that after the newspapers are dry, he will include them in his resort as a collection.

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