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Indian army makes a statement: For the first time, women soldiers deployed on LoC

Kumar Aryan

Huge statement made by Indian army, women to take charge now

When we talk about women empowerment we talk about the pride of our nation. The women of our country have made us proud in each and every field till date. Today is also one of those remarkable days which will go down in history as one of the most prominent and courageous day. For the first time in history today the Indian army has done something unimaginable.

The women soldiers have been deployed near the actual line of control. The past few days have been so energetic for the defence scenario of our country. The Rafale jets have already strengthen our defence system and now by deploying the women soldiers we have done something worth making an impact. The line of actual control or the LoC as we call it is a military control line between the India and Pakistan border. The women soldiers have been deployed in that area for the internal security and combat duties.

They are a part of the paramilitary Assam riffles and on deputation have, entered the Indian army. The women soldiers are now stationed near the Tangdhar area of north Kashmir. For keeping a watchful eye and to monitor the suspicious activities these women soldiers have been deployed at a height of ten thousand feet which happens to be at the top of the sadhana top of the LOC. Most of the times the situation near the LoC remains tensed and therefore the government is in no mood to compromise with any kind of the security measures of the country.

In the coming future the army is planning to increase the number of women in the military force. it is now being said that the army is planning to take around 750 soldiers in the military police. This is going to be one of the most core and structured joining of the women in the army. This step is being taken to ensure that proper guidance and aid is given to the cases of molestation, rapes and also to maintain the right and correct order in the military formation.

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