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Indian Air Force carries out mission to rescue 50 Indian scientists

Rida Shaikh

In order to rescue fifty COVID-19 positive Indian scientists, the Indian Air Force (IAF) carried out a mission. The Indian Air Force carried out the mission to save the group of scientists who were stranded in an undisclosed Central Asian country.

Official sources said, “A special flight was sent to that country to bring back the stranded scientists. The effort included a C-17 Globemaster heavylift transport aircraft of the Indian Air Force which flew a 19-hour mission to help the affected scientists.”

Sources also informed that the effort by India to rescue the stranded scientists was coordinated effectively by the Central Asian country. The embassy’s coordination helped in flying back the group of scientists including the ones who were in serious conditions.

The rescue mission was nineteen hours long. It was meant to rescue the scientists who were involved in some research work in the undisclosed country. The rescue mission was planned when reports informed that the scientists tested positive for the novel coronavirus and this over-stressed the healthcare facilities of the Central Asian country.

The Indian Air Force then prepared a C-17 Globemaster transport aircraft. The aircraft was based out of an airbase near New Delhi and was dispatched to the Central Asian republic. The aircraft was furnished with all the basic facilities that are required to evacuate COVID-19 patients. The C-17 squadron had specially designed the aircraft for such situations after the COVID-19 pandemic broke out.

After an almost nine hour-long flight, the C-17 aircraft reached the destination and then picked up the COVID-19 affected scientists. The flight halted at the airport for two hours and then took off to return to India. The scientists were dropped off at a location in the Southern part of India.

According to resources, India and the Central Asian Republic have had very close ties and work together in numerous fields.


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