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India to offer COVID-19 vaccine to Bangladesh on priority basis

Debanjana Dutta

Corona-antidote made by India will be given to Bangladesh on priority basis. The news was announced by Foreign Secretary Harshvardhan Sringla after a meeting with Bangladesh Foreign Secretary Masud bin Momen on the second day of his visit to Dhaka on Wednesday. “India is the world’s leading producer of vaccines,” he said. Eighty percent of the world’s vaccines are made in India. India will not skimp on giving coronavirus vaccines to friends and allies. Naturally, Bangladesh is on the priority list in this regard. ”The Foreign Secretary of Bangladesh also said that they have promised any kind of cooperation to India in the trial of the vaccine.
During her second visit to Bangladesh on Tuesday, Sringla met Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. According to foreign ministry sources, the two sides also exchanged views on regional security, the challenges facing the new world order in the post-Corona situation, in addition to the two countries’ experiences in corona-resistance. Arriving in Dhaka, Sringla said he had gone on a visit as a special envoy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “It’s a message to move friendship and relationships forward even in this covid situation.” Communication between friends has become limited during the Corona period. ‘’ was said by Modi to Sringla . Sringla, who took over as India’s High Commissioner to Bangladesh just a few years ago, said his visit was very satisfactory. He said research in Oxford, Britain, was leading in the race for the corona vaccine in the world. Not only is it being tested in India, the Indian company Serum will also produce it. Again, Indian vaccine research is not far behind. Whatever happens first, India will give it to Bangladesh first.
Bangladesh Foreign Secretary Masood said Foreign Minister Abdul Momen would chair the meeting of the two countries’ Joint Advisory Commission in Delhi. He will also have to go to Delhi to prepare for the meeting. The promise made by India to give corona vaccine is very necessary for Bangladesh. On the first day of the new year, India will get temporary membership in the Security Council. Bangladesh has expressed its support in this regard. Dhaka wants India to raise the issue of repatriation of Rohingya refugees in the Security Council.They have filed the petition with Delhi. In addition, Sringla has proposed the launch of an air bubble between the two countries. Masood said that they are considering it very seriously. According to foreign ministry sources, India has already launched this ‘air bubble’ communication system with Germany, France, the United Arab Emirates and the Maldives. If it is introduced, Bangladeshi patients will get priority to go to India even under this regulated system, Indian advisers of various projects in Bangladesh will also be able to return to Dhaka. Direct air travel to and from third countries is called ‘air bubble’ communication. In this case, no transit passenger is picked up.
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