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India plans to reopen international borders for foreigners

Rida Shaikh

In an attempt to restart the economic growth in full swing, India has planned to open it’s international borders to international visitors. India has talent the decision amid the ongoing combat against the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The novel coronavirus cases in India has taken a dip in the recent times and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is using this to justify the reopening of international borders to international visitors. The international borders are all set to open only to foreigners who are on their business trips and not tourists.

The Ministry of Home Affairs said that the regular scheduled commercial flights will stay off-limits for now. Presently, the overseas travellers can use other options including the flights that are under government repatriation program, so-called air-bubble agreements and private charters. The ministry affirmed that ships will be permitted as well and that all travellers must strictly follow the guidelines of quarantining and other COVID safety protocols.

The decision comes after the sudden drop in the active coronavirus cases to around 55,000 against the 1,00,000 in the previous month. A committee of scientists said that the country might have experienced the peak lately and is expected to control the rising infection by the end of February.

The government said that it will restore all existing visas immediately except the electronic, tourists and medical ones. It also said that people who are expected to visit India for medical purpose, study, research and for business tours can apply for the visa.

India is not the only country who is planning to open it’s international borders. Indonesia has also planned to do the same.

Indian Government has extended a repatriation programme that allows private carriers to operate flights with special permission. It has also signed air-bubble agreements with nations like Canada, the US, UK, Afghanistan and Germany.


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