‘India not a rich country, weak lockdown was unnecessary’: Author Chetan Bhagat

Vishnu Vasisht

At a time when India is going through an unprecedented financial crisis, writer and columnist Chetan Bhagat has said that the country would suffer more if citizens continue to ignore the current economic situation.

In an exclusive chat with India Today TV, Chetan Bhagat criticized the citizens of the country, including the youth, who are busy “solving Bollywood matters” and are not at all concerned about the economy.

“Any government that knows that people don’t care about the economy won’t spend time. Solving the crisis,” he said.

“People don’t care about the economy. Why should a politician care?” Bhagat asked. He expressed concern over the falling situation in the country and asked, “How will the batches that graduate next year secure jobs. Should they solve Bollywood’s affairs or should they spend time figuring out how they can get a job?”

During the interview, the author elaborated on the column he had written a few days earlier on the ongoing economic crisis. He said that if conditions do not improve, Indians will become poor. Bhagat urged the youth to stop looking at their phones and start talking about the economy. “At this time, youth in India are being neglected,” he said.

Lockdown unnecessary

Bhagat also said how the stricter nationwide lockout affected India’s economy, causing massive job losses and crisis. Bhagat wrote in his recent column that such a “weak lockdown was unnecessary”. Elaborating on what he wrote, Bhagat said, “We (India) cannot afford it. We are a middle-income to a low-income nation by global standards. We are a developing country”. He said that it is easy for a rich man to spend six months at home without working, but added that a poor man does not get the same privileges. “We cannot tolerate this craze”. Bhagat said that this has resulted in the huge 23.9% GDP contraction.

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