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“If she had not gone out alone….”: NCW’s member passes shocking statement on UP gang-rape case of 50-year-old

Rida Shaikh

The statement passed by women's panel on the gang-rape of a fifty-year-old woman has left the people in a state of utter shock. A member of the National Commission for Women said that if she had not gone out alone at such odd hours, the crime might have been avoided. Chandramukhi Devi was quoted by the Press Trust of India saying, “I tell women again and again that they should never go out at odd hours under anyone's influence.”

A fifty-year-old woman staying in Uttar Pradesh was allegedly gang-raped and murdered by a group of three men. One of the three men was an occultist and the other two were his disciples or students. The unfortunate incident took place in Budaun district in Uttar Pradesh.

After meeting with the family of the victim, Chandramukhi Devi said, “I think if she had not gone out in the evening or was accompanied by any child of the family, perhaps this incident could have been avoided. But this was pre-planned as she was called through a phone call. She went (out) and then returned in such a state.”

The National Commission for Women had sent the woman to meet the family of the fifty year old woman. NCW chief Rekha Sharma tweeted, “It's not @NCWIndia 's view and I strongly condemn it".

In another post, Rekha Sharma said, “I don't know how and why the member has said this but women have all the right move on their will whenever and wherever they want to. It's society and state's duty to make places safe for women.”

An autopsy report was performed which revealed that the private parts of the woman sustained several injuries. Dr Yashpal Singh, the Chief Medical Officer in Budaun said, "The post mortem reports reveal minor injuries on the woman's private parts. There are several tears and one of her legs is fractured. There was excessive bleeding which led to shock and ultimately the patient died of it."


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