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Hyderabad: Man Kills Mother And Sister

Sanskriti Dalmia

25-year-old man, Sainath Reddy was arrested on Monday for killing his mother and sister to overcome financial losses that he suffered in cricket betting. The man is an MTech student of a reputed college in the city and works for a private firm. He has allegedly used pesticide to kill both his 22 –year-old sister Pally Anuja Reddy and 48-year-old mother Pally Sunitha. 

At the hospital, he told the relatives that both his sister and mother had food poisoning. However, the relatives got suspicious and informed the police. Upon interrogation, he confessed to the police of his crime and admitted to killing his sister and mother. 

According to police, the incident took place on November 23 when he mixed pesticide in their food before he left for his night shift. Later that night he was informed by his mother that she and his sister were sick, post which he rushed them to a hospital, where both of them died.  

DCP Balanagar PV Padmaja said that they have arrested Sainath Reddy and sent him to judicial remand.

Police also added that the accused was addicted to online betting and had taken a loan of around Rs 25 lakh from different people to bet on cricket matches. After he lost all the money and into huge debts. So, to repay the loans he had taken he killed his mother and sister.

The police said that “To repay the loans, he hatched a plan to kill his mother and sister so that he would then become the owner of the properties they owned. His father died a few years ago. Initially, he used his own money to bet on cricket matches. Later he became aware of the insurance money of his father’s death and used it too. He then sold his mother’s jewellery to do betting”.


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