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How much did Mortal earn in the last year?

Soham Ghosh

Revelations of Mortal’s earnings in the last year

The most celebrated PUBG Mobile eSports player of India Naman Mathur aka Mortal has earned an estimated $113.1K - $1.8M in the last year besides several other accolades. He has multiple sources of income like AdSense, YouTube Superchats, PayTM/GPay donations, sponsorships, and channel memberships and definitely not to forget his earnings from the prize money of several official PUBG tournaments. Today his YouTube channel has a whopping 6.22 million subscribers.

Mortal’s career kick started when Team SouL won the Dreamhack Lan Event 2018, organized by Nodwin Gaming. Then the first breakthrough was when Mortal & his team SouL won the PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 on March 10th,2019 which got them Rs.30,00,000 for the team. Team SouL topped the tournament along with the highest kill points.

Now a sneak peek into Mortal’s top 6 individual earnings from tournaments:

  1. PUBG Mobile Club Open - Spring Split: India Finals (15-06-2019) - $15,000. [ 1st position ]
  2. PUBG Mobile Club Open - Spring Split: Global Finals (28-07-2019) - $625 [ 12th position ]
  3. PUBG Mobile Club Open - Fall Split: South Asia (10-11-2019) - $7,500 [ 2nd position ]
  4. PUBG Mobile Club Open - Fall Split: Global Finals (01-12-2019) - $2,000 [ 12th position ]
  5. Peacekeeper Elite Championship 2019 (29-12-2019) - $1,605.94 [ 12th position ]
  6. PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2019 (08-09-2019) - $600 [ 13th position ]


Highest Prize from a Single Tournament:

Out of all the tournaments where Mortal won a cash prize, the highest ever was $15,000 from PMCO Spring Split – India dated June 15,2019. His team was placed 1st, which in turn made up 75.64% of his total tournament prize money won.

Captain India, an Indian Youtuber had calculated the cumulative earnings of Mortal from superchats and donations, and it has been said that the estimated earnings of Mortal are around or more than Rs. 20,000 when he does live stream for an hour, though these are the estimated earnings through Ads and Superchat alone, if it’s a sponsored post or he receives donations then there’s more money. Apart from all these, the famous mobile brand One Plus and stream broadcasting application Omlet Arcade had sponsored Mortal which is a great feat achieved by him.

There is a saying that goes, that Hard work pays off and that’s exactly what happened for Mortal. His efforts and simplicity made him a fan favourite. When he hit the 500K subscribers mark on YouTube channel he had received a Big Superchat amounting to Rs. 10,000, which was the highest amount of Superchat that could be received at that time.

Besides these Mortal has also done various promotions from time to time, once with Asus Rog Phone 3 and he had also done a collaboration with renowned Indian actor Vicky Kaushal for the promotion of the Bollywood movie Uri: The Surgical Strike.

Esports Awards 2020 nomination:

Naman 'Mortal' Mathur has also created history by becoming the 1st player from India to receive a nomination for Esports Awards 2020 in the ‘ Streamer of the Year ‘ category alongside various renowned streamers from across the world. Herschel “ Dr. Disrespect “ Beahm IV had bagged this award last year.

Soul Mortal’s journey as a gamer has seen lots of ups and downs. He is a widely acclaimed player today because of his perseverance but he has been through lots of adversaries too. The Dream team of SouL according to fans which comprised of Mortal, Viper, Owais and Ronak had won two of the biggest national level tournaments but as of today this team does not exist anymore since the roster of Team SouL has changed and recently they are in struggling position in the eSports scenario, but all the well wishers and die-hard fans of SouL are still in full support for the team and we all believe they are going to bounce back even stronger than before.

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