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History to be scripted as an all-women crew from Air India begin the world’s longest air route!

Rida Shaikh

Air India's all-women crew is all set to fly the longest commercial flight in the world. The all-women crew is ready to take over the plane and change the Indian aviation history by operating the world's longest air route beginning from San Francisco and ending in Bangalore. The flight is expected to fly over the North Pole. Flying and navigating over the North Pole can get extremely technical and difficult which requires a great deal of skill and experience. It will then opt for the Atlantic Route to reach Karnataka's capital on the other side of the world. The flight will be operated by Air India or any other airline in India.

An Air India official said, "Flying through the North Pole is very challenging and airline companies send their best and experienced pilots on this route. This time Air India has given responsibilities to a woman captain for the journey from San Fransico to Bengaluru via polar route."

Air India passed a statement which said, "This will be the longest commercial flight in the world, covering the world's longest air route to be operated by Air India or any other airline in India...The total flight time on this route will be of more than 17 hours depending on the wind speed on that particular day."

An Air India official was also informed that the direct distance between San Francisco and Bengaluru, situated on opposite ends of the world, is 13,993 km with a time zone change of around 13.5 hours.

Captain Zoya Aggarwal, Captain Papagari Thanmai, Captain Akansha Sonaware, and Captain Shivani Manhas will be operating the historic inaugural flight from San Francisco to the capital of Karnataka.

Applauding the soon-to-be proud achievement that will change the course of history, Union Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Puri tweeted, "Air India's woman power flies high around the world."

Hardip Puri took to his official Twitter handle and furthermore tweeted, "All women cockpit crew consisting of Capt Zoya Aggarwal, Capt Papagari Thanmai, Capt Akansha Sonaware & Capt Shivani Manhas will operate the historic inaugural flight between Bengaluru & San Francisco."

Captain Zoya Aggarwal is an extremely experienced and accomplished pilot. She has gained a flying experience of more than 8000 hours. She has also acquired command experience in a B-777 aircraft of more than 10 years and more than 2500 flying hours.

Flight AI176 is scheduled to depart from San Francisco in the United States at 8:30 pm (local time) and is expected to land at the Kempegowda International Airport at 3:45 am (local time).

Air India furthermore informed, "Flight AI176 will be operating with a Boeing 777-200LR aircraft VT ALG. The flight will have a seating capacity of 238 people. These seats include 8 in the First Class, 35 in the Business Class, and 185 in the Economy Class besides the 4 cockpit and 12 cabin crew seats."

The flight will be covering a massive distance of around 16,000 kilometers.

Zoya Aggarwal is immensely happy about being given the incredible opportunity of operating the world's longest air route. She described it as a 'dream come true.' Zoya Aggarwal told news agency ANI, "Most people in the world will not see the North Pole or even its map in their lifetime. I feel truly feel privileged and humbled by the trust posed in me by the civil aviation ministry and our flag carrier. It is a golden opportunity to command a Boeing 777 inaugural SFO-BLR, one of the world's longest flight over the North Pole."

The young captain furthermore said, "I am extremely proud to have with me experienced women team comprising Captains Thanmai Papagari, Akanksha Sonawane, and Shivani Manhas. This is the first time an all-women pilot's team will fly over the North Pole and create a history of sorts. It's indeed a dream come true for any professional pilot. Women should have self-belief even if they face societal pressure (and) not consider any task impossible"


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