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#ArrestSwaraBhaskar –Here’s Why Netizens Demand Swara Bhasker Arrested

Ritika Singh

swara bhasker

Actress activist Swara Bhasker is India’s favourite controversial baby. The Bollywood actress, who is often slammed for being vocal about almost anything and everything. Well, it's a known fact that Swara has not been in the favour BJP led Modi Government. Recently she criticized CAB and NRC and took part in various campaigns. Due to this very reason, Swara Bhasker has become trolls' favourite target these days and yet again, Right wingers are asking her arrest for inciting violence. Yalgaar Out Now! CarryMinati Gives Smashing Reply to Haters- Watch Here

The Veerey Di Wedding actress often raises her voice against the present government through some of her social mediums. The actress not only expresses but also explains her reasons of not supporting the Union Government. New Messiah Swara Bhasker Sends Migrants in Delhi- NCR Home, Checkout Her Tweet

Her tweets in connection with Delhi Violence are being criticized. One such tweets reads, “Delhi! Get on the streets.”

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To which one user replied, “Didi khud toh chale jao kabi kabtak bhadakte rahogi logo ko.”

After police made several arrests in connection with North East Delhi Violence, some includes, Safoora Jargar, Tahir Husaain, members of Pinjratod. Netizens are asking for arrest of the left supported actress. Users are also blaming the actress for pseudo secularism, selective activism, instigating violence, hinduphobic statements and disturbing the communal harmony.Jamia Student Safoora Zargar Bail Plea Rejected, Netizens Demand Justice

A twitter user wrote, “She came from Mumbai, burnt my Delhi in which many lost their houses, lost their loved ones and this lady is resting in her house. She should be behind the bars.#ArrestSwaraBhaskar.” Tahir Hussain Arrested with 14 Others, Netizens Demand Release #SabYaadRakhaJayega Trends

Another user wrote, “#ArrestSwaraBhaskar Dear @HMOIndia. Don't show mercy to Terrorists. Arrest Swara who made plan to kill Delhi.”

“#ArrestSwaraBhaskarWhen Rubika liyaquat suggested swara bhasker to read CAA...Jisne act hi na padha ho usse kya kaha na?” wrote one user.

Netizens claimed thar Swara Bhasker, played an important role in the Delhi riots. Though there is no proof that the actress was one of those behind the violence. There are several videos and tweets of the actress asking people to come down on streets of Delhi and protest for anti CAB and NRC. Boycott Go Air: Cabin Crew Member Questions Ma Sita ‘Purity’, Asks Hindus to Read Lankan History






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