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July 5 Lunar Eclipse: Time, duration and visibility from India; How and where to watch it?

Vishnu Vasisht

According to astrology, three eclipses in a month's interval are not considered auspicious. Between June 5 and July 5, this third eclipse is going to happen. It is believed that due to its effects, natural disasters can be faced.

Eclipse will be seen in some areas of Asia, America, Europe and Australia. But this eclipse will not be seen in India. Due to which the Sutak period will not be valid. The eclipse will be visible in parts of Asia, the Americas, Europe and Australia. People will be able to see beautiful views of the eclipse for about three and a half hours. Indians will only be able to watch the eclipse online.

Eclipse will start at 8.38 am and will end at 11.21 PM. The eclipse will remain in its full effect at 09.59 am. The next lunar eclipse will occur on 30 November.

There are a total of 6 eclipses in the year 2020. 3 eclipses of which have already taken place. A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth comes between the Moon and the Sun. At the same time, when the moon comes between the Earth and the Sun, a solar eclipse occurs.

According to experts, the lunar eclipse seen on July 5 is not considered a real eclipse. During which the sun, earth and moon are not in a straight line in such a way that only a slight shadow of the earth falls on the moon. Therefore, the moon does not disappear completely, but its edge is covered with shadow.

It is completely safe to see the lunar eclipse with naked eyes. But this eclipse will not be visible in India. But those interested in this astronomical event will be able to see the eclipse view online.

The eclipse can be viewed on popular YouTube channels including Slooh and the website Virtual Telescope.

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