Gujarat: Boy who lost both his hands and a leg in an accident, scores 92% in class 12 board exams

Vishnu Vasisht

Shivam Solanki, who lost both his hands and a leg in an accident when he was 12, has scored 92% in the PU examination in Gujarat.

Shivam, who wrote the exam with his elbow, is receiving praise from everyone. His family has asked the CM for help to continue Shivam's studies.

Talking about staying away from negativity, Shivam said, "I would like to say that one should never bring negative thoughts about his/ her disability."

Shivam's father said, "I want all his dreams to be fulfilled. I also want to appeal to the state government and the Chief Minister to cooperate with my son to complete his studies," his father requested.

Shivam had given the 12th board examination by writing with his elbows. The financial condition of his house is also not good, but there was nothing that stopped him from achieving.

Shivam has said that he made special preparations to write with his physical condition and learned to write by working hard 5-6 hours daily.

Earlier, Shivam had scored 98.53 of the marks in the 10th examination and had set an example of his courage.

Shivam said that he wants to become a doctor. If not, He has said that he wants to serve the public in the form of any community service.

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