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Groundwater level improvement techniques lead to good results in Delhi

Alok Parekh

AAP makes improvements in groundwater level in Delhi

The Union Territory of Delhi is surrounded by land on all sides, making it dependent for a regular supply of water from the neighboring states. Since the water is received from outside the city, the raw water is first sent for treatment at several water treatment plants before it is further supplied to the homes for daily use. Apart from the water that comes from the neighbors, another source of water for the people of Delhi is groundwater. But it is not unlimited, and as every day passes by, its availability is reducing, and relentless efforts are being made by the government to increase the groundwater level.

The unabating efforts made by the government of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) have led to a great outcome. As a result of these efforts, the groundwater levels in the Palla region have risen by 2 meters in total. In addition to this, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has issued further guidelines so as to improve these water levels even more. The main cause of this improvement in the groundwater level in the Palla region is the opening gambit of rainwater harvesting by the ruling, AAP government in Delhi. Besides all these efforts, the government has also been working unstoppably for the cleaning and restoration of water bodies in the national capital. In total, more than 600 rivers and lakes have been reinvigorated along with other old canals in order to improve groundwater levels.

Simultaneously to all these methods, the government has also instructed the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) to check the conditions of all the tube wells all over the capital and repair the ones that are defective. The step was taken to enhance the recharging and reusing of the groundwater in order to help floodwater harvesting in the future. In addition to this, the DJB is asked to use its existing active and closed tube wells to use the rainwater that gets collected on the roads so that groundwater levels can be improved.


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