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Good news for Indian PUBG Players

Ashish Matholiya

Good news for the Indian PUBG players is out as the Pubg mobile makers announce a new game in the same segment called ‘undawn’. Light speed Quantum Studios is going to develop the game which will be marketized as ‘Undawn’. There is a possibility that this game could be available in the Indian markets. With some similarities from player unknown battleground (PUBG) ‘Undawn’ is the new zombie survival game where the player needs to kill to survive.

As Garena is the publisher, this game is also marketized as Garena Undawn same as Garena Free fire. It is a survival shooter game where the player goes into the battles plays to survive till last. The availability of the game is through the publisher Garena. In the initial stage, the game is available for the android platform. The game is developed on the Unreal Engine 4 platform which will support plenty of available devices. There is a hope that it will be available on other game supporting platforms in future like iOS.

Lightspeed and Quantum Studios owned by Tencent games, Garena is collaborating this time to try something exciting in the gaming markets. The game trailer has been launched and already out on the internet.

Coming on the gaming specifications and details ‘Undawn’ is a shooting game with multiple new edition weapons same as PUBG. Latest high tech vehicles are introduced for the unique escape throughout the game while slaughtering zombies. To spice it up, zombies are designed pretty agile in this game. Some latest locations with high end graphics have been introduced which give a fascinating gaming view to the gamers. To enhance the gaming experience maps are installed as the guiding tool to help the players showcasing ruined cities, swamps and jungle. The rest of the excitement is kept for the real gameplay which is going to be end shortly.


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