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For the first time, US President Donald Trump wears a mask

Vishnu Vasisht

Health experts around the world, including the World Health Organization, are recommending wearing masks to prevent coronavirus. Apart from masks, social distancing, frequent hand washing with soap or cleaning with sanitizers also prevents the epidemic. But first man of the US, President Donald Trump, never wore a mask.

Donald Trump eventually had to wear a mask after 1.34 lakh deaths from the Coronavirus explosion in America. Trump, who has been refusing to apply a face mask for several months, finally got his nose and mouth covered for the first time on Saturday. He had a black colored mask on to reach Walter Reed hospital to see the wounded soldiers.

"It's good to wear a mask when you're in the hospital, especially when you're talking to people who come from the operation table," Trump told media persons about wearing masks. I have never opposed the mask, but I believe it should be used at the right time and place".

Before press conferences, coronavirus updates, rallies and public meetings, Trump was never seen wearing a mask. According to a CNN report, Trump has taken the decision after much lobbying. Many experts advised the president that wearing his mask would encourage his supporters to do the same.

America is the most corona-affected country in the world. About 69 thousand cases were reported in the US on Friday. So far, more than 30 lakh people have been infected and 1.34 lakh people have lost their lives.

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