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Finally PUBG Unbanned in India

Soham Ghosh

Is it true?

The news which will set our minds racing and hearts throbbing has finally arrived. Yes, it's true. PUBG Mobile is coming back to India afterall. The whole gaming community in India was waiting to hear the news of PUBG unban in India and now everyone’s super excited about it. PUBG Corporation has announced about the game’s comeback to India on their several official social media platforms.

On September 2, the Government of India had banned 117 Chinese mobile apps in the country. It included PUBG, the most popular battle royale game till date over security and user data privacy concerns. Since then, several rumours were in the air and speculations were sky high regarding the game’s possible return to India. Now it seems PUBG will be back in a new way and no doubt that everyone is waiting pensively to witness it.

Official Posts on Social Media platforms:

PUBG Mobile is coming back to India

This is the official Instagram page of PUBG Mobile India. It’s written “ Coming Soon “ along with India written in tricolour under the official logo. Certain sources say that PUBG will be launched in India as a new separate Indian version as PUBG MOBILE INDIA. No official dates about the game’s return has been announced yet but it’s quite sure that it's coming back.

Renowned Indian players & Youtubers like Mortal, Maxtern had posted on their social media handles about the news of the game’s return. They are using hashtags like “#IndiaWelcomesPUBGMobile”. The news seems too good to be true but then yes PUBG is coming back.

Official YouTube channel of PUBG Mobile India

Previously this YouTube channel was named PUBG MOBILE INDIA OFFICIAL & now it has changed to PUBG MOBILE INDIA. So there’s no doubt pertaining to the game’s return. It features a Diwali themed picture by which we can tell the good news is just around the corner. PUBG Corp has also announced that this new game is going to be launched adhering to all the rules & regulations laid down by the Indian Government.

Storage Audits:

Pubg was banned in India due to main concerns surrounding user data privacy. Now the company claims they will undertake regular audits & checks on the server systems holding Indian user’s personally identifiable information to guarantee the safety of the data & provide topmost security.

Time Restrictions:

In order to promote healthy gameplay habits for users below the age of 18 the company has enforced strict restrictions. PUBG Corp has stated gameplay time will be restricted in a more severe way.

In-Game changes:

The company has claimed to improve the content to meet the local needs. The game will now have a virtual simulation training ground & new characters will come in default clothes. Another aspect which has been manoeuvred is the hit effect. Previously there was option to change colours for the hit effect. But now, the default hit effect will be set to green. This is done to address the concerns raised about the violent nature of the game.

Indian Subsidiary:

PUBG Corp said they are planning to open a local office in India by hiring over 100 employees. They will be specialised to look after Esports & game development providing a better and active service to players.


PUBG Corp declared that it has plans to invest $100 million (over Rs.746 crore) with Krafton to boost the local video game, entertainment, eSports & IT industries. Besides this the company also made announcements that stated the company will host India exclusive eSports events, featuring tournaments with handsome prize pools and other dedicated tournament productions.

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