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Few Celebs in Industry trying to utilize Sushant Singh Rajput’s death

Debanjana Dutta

The untimely death of a talented actor. There is a lot of confusion about why he chose the path of suicide. However, Bollywood is an industry where the expansion of one’s own orbit can be extended without the death of others. Protest to show the common people. Behind the scenes is the accounting of self-fulfilment. Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide was about three weeks away. Every day, one celebrity after another is demanding a CBI probe into his death, visiting his family in Patna. But is everything in the interest of Sushant? The behaviour of celebrities at least doesn’t say that.

Shekhar Sumon visited Sushant’s house in Patna last Monday. He posted pictures on Twitter with Sushant’s father. After that he went to hold a press conference with Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) leader and former Bihar deputy chief minister Tejaswi Yadav. Vote in Bihar at the end of the year. It is heard that Shekhar can write his name in RJD. Sushant’s family is angry over the whole incident. The actor’s family also called Sumon’s meeting a ‘political gimmick’. However, this is not the first case. Since Sushant’s death, many political parties have been trying to stir up Bihar sentiment at the national level.

Shekhar did not go alone to meet Tejaswi, accompanied by Sushant’s ‘best friend’ Sandeep Singh. After the death of the actor, Sandeep’s activities have been seen repeatedly in front of the camera. However, there are allegations against him as well. Even after Sushant’s Instagram account was ‘remembered’ (no one else can log in to that account), the number of ‘followers’ in the account has decreased. How? No good answer found. Another friend of Sushant’s demanded that the police check Sandeep’s phone. Why will Sandeep handle Sushant’s social media account in these few days? That reason, however, is still unclear. Last Sunday, however, Sushant’s family said in a statement that they would handle the account from now on. But before that, BJP leader Rupa Gangopadhyay tweeted about this incident in Sushant’s profile.

Kangana Ranaut is at the forefront of the ‘nepotism’ controversy that has been repeatedly raised behind Sushant’s suicide. If she had remained silent after Sushant’s death, Kangana would have been thought to have changed. But with this incident in mind, she sharpened his weapon anew. Even before Sushant’s death, the trend of attacking dissidents in the virtual media continued in the same way. Recently, Swara Bhaskar got angry for speaking in favor of Karna Johar. The video posted by Kangana after Sushant’s death may have been true. But for his established image, does it seem anything more than a gimmick?

There is a lot of speculation surrounding the social media post of Sanjana Sanghi, the actress of Sushant’s last film ‘Dil Bechara’. She was seen crying on Instagram after the actor’s death. The story she posted while leaving Mumbai for her hometown Delhi suggests that some netizens are leaving Mumbai for good. But the actress herself dispelled that speculation in another story. Is everything done in the interest of propaganda?

The most shocking name in this protest procession is Shekhar Kapoor. Active on social media along with the director. But after Sushant’s death, he tweeted more than once. Needless to say, Shekhar made the most significant tweet so far. Sushant was supposed to work in the film ‘Pani’ under his direction. Yash Raj Films suspended the project two years later. If this was not the result of Sushant, would Shekhar have opened his mouth at all in this context?

According to industry insiders, Mumbai police will also record Kangana’s statement after Shekhar due to his constant statements on social media. Aditya Chopra, the director of Yash Raj Films, and Sanjay Leela Vonsali may also be called to give statements. There is a lot of writing about Sushant’s monomalinya with Aditya. Whatever the direction of the investigation into Sushant’s death in the coming days, it is clear that there is another conspiracy behind the defendant’s mask.

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