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Fashion amidst the lockdown

Shristi Gupta

Denims, suits, and dresses have taken the backseat in our closets because the pyjamas have taken charge! The trend forecasting firm expects to see wash over the loungewear and intimates categories in the next 18 months. Comfort continues to be the backbone of these categories. To the extent that Harper’s Bazaar raised the question in April of whether women will ever wear bras again. The magazine asked whether going bra-free was a feminist statement or so comfortable we might never go back.  There was a sudden shift in purchasing patterns of people when it came to fashion as soon as the lockdown began all over the world.


  • Sales of pajamas online surged 143% in April compared with March, according to data from Adobe Analytics. 
  • Sales of pants fell 13%, as people turned to video conference calls, where only tops are visible. 
  • Many apparel companies have been trying to play up the comfort-cozy trend online during the coronavirus crisis. 

Pajamas made chic: The pajama trend’s runway debut was at Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring 2009 show, held in September 2008, which featured womanly takes on classic men’s silk pajamas. Back then it was subtle, little did we know it would turn into a complete trend. 

By 2011, fashionable pajamas had gained steam, appearing everywhere. After which ready-to-wear designers who noticed the sleepwear trend started putting bedtime glamour on their catwalks for spring/summer 2016 collections with lace-edged nighties, pyjamas and dressing-gown cover-ups from Balenciaga, Thakoon, Givenchy, Calvin Klein to Alexander Wang.

Given the current scenario, people are realizing the importance of comfort over style. Something that fits from easy-breezy work-from-home attire to loungewear is our new all-day night choice which is why pajama chic is picking up steam in the time of lockdown. Pajamas can be very versatile – pair them with a camisole, a crop top, and an oversized shirt thrown over as overlay with a pair of sneakers. When times change, wear it with strappy stilettos and a boyfriend blazer. Wearing a pair of pajamas can be extremely stylish. The most popular trend in pajamas is the solid-colored collared set with contrast trimmings. Abstract prints, color blocking, and slogans are in vogue too. Mixing and matching can add a fun element – not just color blocking and color mixing but also pairing contrast prints together.



Sleepwear and ready-to-wear fashion merge. With elevated silhouettes and better-quality materials, it makes a whole new category of all-purpose fashion that offers consumers versatility, practicality, and sophisticated style. It’s a big step up from the basic leggings or hoodies that helped birth the athleisure movement. Materials play a big role in the story’s emphasis on quality and luxury. Silks and satins, high-stretch ribbed knits, and elements from fashion like Lurex threads and plush velvets live here.

Key items include athleisure staples like joggers remade in silk, sweater dresses, cashmere sets, and tops that play with sculptural volume like big sleeves and cinched waists. Thoughtful details, like robes with waist-tie pockets, Maeda said, are in keeping with the trend’s overall practical and minimalistic aesthetic.


Sales of pants fell: Retailers have reported similar trends as video conferencing and remote work have grown in popularity. There has been a significant increase in shirt sales but not work clothing below the waist.

“We’re seeing increased sales in tops, but not bottoms,” Dan Bartlett, Walmart’s executive vice president of corporate affairs, told Yahoo Finance about people who use Zoom and other types of video conferencing. People wear formal shirts on top while being in comfortable bottoms. But why stop at just pyjama bottoms? 

Japanese company Whatever inc. thinks we can get away with wearing a full set of pyjamas while discussing business matters with the boss, and they’re here to prove it with their new Work From Home Jammies.

Designed by Akihiko Kimura, designer of fashion brand LOKITHO, the new pyjamas are all business up top, with a sensible, collared button-up shirt. From the chest and elbows down, however, it’s all about comfort, as the business shirt becomes a cozy sweater. Adding a necktie to the outfit enhances the illusion of the business shirt So once you’ve got yourself positioned correctly in front of the camera, nobody will be able to tell that half of you is ready to go to sleep.

Celebrities wearing pajamas in public are now acceptable: Earlier, the media and the fashion police would spit flames whenever a celebrity was spotted in nightwear out in the public. But the trends started to change a little when Shraddha Kapoor was seen wearing one at the airport, Kriti Sanon at movie promotions or Kangana Ranaut at an event. The idea is to get a style as if they just jumped out of bed. The whole look was called “I woke up like this!” These times are difficult for the celebrities as well as they try to do their everyday stuff while making statements at the same time.


Social distancing but make it fashion: Unlike most fashion statements, it’s born out of necessity and care for people around you. But it doesn’t change the fact that for the most part, we all now have to wear masks when we venture outside.  The world has come together to fight the global pandemic and the fashion fraternity has also joined hands to make their own little contribution towards fighting against Coronavirus. designers are now focusing on. From Louis Vitton to Masaba Gupta, every designer is all hands on deck! 

Many are also trying to create masks people actually want to wear — masks others might find as an aesthetically pleasing and fun way to accessorize. If you think that sounds crazy, just remember: Sunglasses and hats once started out as items meant to simply protect the wearer from the sun. They’ve now evolved into fashion accessories providing countless options to choose from. A wide variety of styles and designs are already available. In some ways, this trend feels inevitable. Fashion is built on creatively revising necessities. The fashionable mask takes a public good and turns it into an individual statement. 


This is the new normal whether we like it or not so to pajama or not to pajama is your call.

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