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Farm Union Activists burnt the Copies of Farm Laws

Neha Singh

Farm Union Activists burnt the Copies of Farm Laws

In Punjab across Villages and towns, Farm union activists burnt copies of the farm laws to mark Lohri in unity with the going on protests against the Centre.

The Kisan Mazdoor Sangarsh Committee Punjab led such protests in Amritsar, Gurdaspur, and Tarn Taran.

Sawarn Singh Pandher, general secretary, KMSC said that the origin of the festival can be traced with the tale of Dulla Bhatti. He was a rebellion who fought against Akbar after taxes were increased on the public. In the same, by taking inspiration from him we will fight against Delhi peacefully to repeal the farm laws. Or else Lohri is a festival where people seek blessings, prosperity, and happiness from Lord Agni. Men, women, and children come together in villages for the symbolic burning of copies of farm laws. He mentioned all these things while explaining why Lohri is celebrated and why they are burning the farm laws.

The activists yelled slogans against the BJP government. They entitled PM Narendra Modi’s government as autocratic and accused it of “promoting crony-capitalism”.They also slammed the government for its “stubborn attitude”.

100 copies of farm laws were burnt by Dal Khalsa and its youth wing Sikh Youth Punjab and also stated that anything lacking in the repeal of these laws not acceptable to the people of Punjab.

Commenting on the constitutional law of the 4-member panel by the apex court, Dal Khalsa Kanwar Pal Singh said, "It is only when the members of the law are known in favor of the law that what is meant by the stay of such a party panel? Staying of the laws by the SC is neither acceptable nor a solution to the impasse. The Government is one hell to thwart the farmer’s movement and it is using the office of CJI for Judicial Trap.

He further added that “January 26 is black Republic day. We will hold a march on a black day with black flags to protest against black farm laws.”

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