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Dussehra during COVID-19 -Beginning of a new dawn

Ipshita Bagchi

Dussehra 2020

India celebrated Dussehra this year on 25th October. The celebration of Dussehra may not have been the most fun-filled this year, however, it definitely felt like the beginning of something positive.

Dussehra is celebrated as a symbol of victory of good over evil.

2020 has been a year of constant stressors for all of us, the COVID-19 pandemic being the biggest one.

Usually by this time of the year the festivities are in place. People begin to celebrate life with their loved ones.

Dussehra and COVID-19

While Dussehra was not celebrated in the traditional sense this year, it seemed to bring a spark of happiness in many lives.

In such dire times we should take inspiration from the festival itself and believe that something good will come out of this pandemic driven misery. There will be a definite victory of good over evil. It can be seen as the start of something new and positive. 

Dussehra 2020

Many instances from the Ramayana portray the hardships that Rama and Lakshman had to endeavour in order to rescue Sita. The ultimate defeat of Ravana by Lord Rama shows us the courage in him and his determination to save his beloved wife despite the hurdles in his way. To this date we remember him on Dusshera for defeating the devil.

Thus we should internalize the message that Dussehra conveys and gather the courage to use this time as productively as we can to achieve whatever we wish for in our lives.

It goes unsaid that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused us to deal with the worst of things.

Being bound in our homes for almost 8 months is definitely taxing and can take a toll on the healthiest minds. But it is in our hands to take the wheel and steer things in a way that benefits us.

We as individual and collective beings have the power to maintain a positive outlook during this time and cope with the reality of things in a healthy way.

Lessons to learn from COVID-19

There is so much that this pandemic has taught us. It has taught us to be more resilient, humble and empathetic. COVID-19 has given us a lesson on being mindful of whatever we do and what we say to others. It has taught us to be strong, for ourselves and our loved ones. The pandemic has highlighted the importance of family in our lives.

This time brought people together and even gave strength to those who are far away from home. The pandemic has caused us to grow.

It gave us time to spend with ourselves and recognize our true potential. In such a fast paced world, COVID-19 gave us the chance to slow down and live for ourselves and not for the world outside. 

Post COVID-19 positivity

We’re all waiting to step out in the post COVID-19 world and continue to live our lives like we once did. However, this does not mean we give up on living a fruitful life now.

It is now more than ever that we learn to sustain ourselves and be happy with whatever we have. A positive outlook will take us a long way and will be the key to defeating the 2020 evil that is COVID-19. 

So together let us use our weapon of strength and togetherness to eradicate the evil that surrounds us today!

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