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Don Bosco Park Circus to start UG co-ed college from 2021


Don Bosco co-ed college

Don Bosco Park Circus will start a graduate co-ed college on its campus from 2021. The state's higher education department on Saturday cleared the society for setting up a self-funded postgraduate institution affiliated to Calcutta University.

However, the director of Don Bosco Park Circus, Father Bikash Mandal, said the college would start next year.

"It will be a co-ed college and is scheduled to start in 2021. The college will start on the same (Park Circus) campus. In addition to science, commerce and industry courses, the college will also provide professional courses,” he said.

The Department of Higher Education has extended the deadline for admission to this academic year to October 30.

“We submitted the proposal to this last November. If there were no objections in February or March, we could have started the college from this year itself," he said.

The college offers bachelor's degrees in English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Accounting and Finance, Business Administration and Computer Science. The inspection was delayed by the epidemic, a department official said. In addition, Don Bosco was advised to follow certain standards.

Need for a good UG college

One vice-chancellor said, "The Don Bosco co-ed college would meet the need for a good undergraduate college. Also, I don't think parents are sending their children to colleges outside Bengal because of the epidemic. It would be a boon for them to start a good university in the city."

Father Bikash Mandal said, "Most of our students are looking for a good college. We will meet this demand. Students from other institutions will also benefit".

The official said the department is confident Don Bosco College will become a better university.

“The physical infrastructure may be ready, but it will take time to recruit college teachers and non-teaching staff members,” said a departmental official. “The Educational Society has a self-funded school, Don Bosco College of Arts and Sciences in Chennai. They run a college in Siliguri too. Then there is Don Bosco University in Assam. We are sure that this rich experience will be effective once they start college in Kolkata also," he said.

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  1. […] Don Bosco Park Circus to start UG co-ed college from 2021 October 11, 2020 […]

  2. […] Don Bosco Park Circus to start UG co-ed college from 2021 October 11, 2020 […]

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