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Did two suns appear in the sky near the US-Canada border? Here’s the truth behind viral claims

Vishnu Vasisht

The sight of the solar eclipse on 21 June 2020 was seen in parts of Asia, Africa, Pacific Ocean, Europe and Australia including India. This astronomical event of Surya Grahan started from 9.15 am on Sunday morning, and ended at 03.04 pm. During the solar eclipse, the sun appeared like a glowing ring in the sky, so it is being called the Ring of Fire. During the solar eclipse, many amazing pictures of this astronomical event started going viral on social media. Meanwhile, some such pictures of solar eclipse also went viral, claiming that two suns appeared in the sky on the US-Canada border during the solar eclipse.

Through the pictures going viral on social media, it is being claimed that two suns appeared simultaneously on the US-Canada border, but the reality is that one of the pictures that has gone viral is the real sun and the other is the moon. This type of incident is known as Moon Hunters. This only happens when the Earth changes its axis. When the Sun and the Moon appear together in the sky, the Moon appears as bright as the Sun during that time.

Actually, Moon Hunters has nothing to do with the optical illusion of the two suns, as it is a name for the full moon after Harvest Moon. The Northern Hemisphere Harvest Moon appears in September and October. Hunters moon is not really big or bright and it has nothing to do with the illusion of fake sun in the sky. In 2019, similar pictures went viral, in which it was claimed that two suns were seen in the sky.

There cannot be practically two suns in the sky, but sometimes the reflection of the sun appears like another moon. According to experts, this usually occurs when ice crystals are present in the sky which act as mirrors.

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