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Dharmesh Yelande tests corona positive

Ashish Matholiya

In the reality TV show, Dance Deewane 3 Judge Dharmesh Yelande tests Corona positive. According to reports, last week 18 crew members of 'Dance Deewane 3' were found to be Covid positive and now the show's judge Dharmesh Yelande has also fallen prey to Corona. 3 contestants of this show were also found to be Covid positive before Dharmesh. After getting reports of Corona positive, Dharmesh is now quarantined in his Goa home. It is also reported that Dancer Choreographer Shakti Mohan and choreographer actor Punit Pathak can appear in Dance Deewane Season Three at his place.

News of Dharmesh being covid positive is confirmed by the show's producer Arvind Rao. Arvind himself was also found to be corona positive a few days ago but he is currently recovering. Arvind said, "Dharmesh's report came negative last week. After that, he went to Goa to get his house renovated. He was to return for the show's shoot on April 5. But, before the shooting started everyone Covid test was to be done. "

He further added that "Dharmesh also got his Covid test done in Goa, he also had mild symptoms. His report came positive after the test. We then decided to bring Shakti Mohan and Punit J Pathak in place of Dharmesh for the upcoming episode. He has also shot an episode of the show with Madhuri Dixit and Tusshar Kalia. "

Talking about the struggle of his Corona era, he said "I am recovering and will get my Covid test done again after three days. If the report comes back negative, I will return to work only. Joe last week Crew-members have been found positive are also undergoing treatment and they will recover this week. We are all working hard and we have followed all safety protocols. "

Highlighting the subject of security in the show, Arvind said, "We do not allow any member to come on the set without a covid test. We are working with fewer people as per the new guidelines. As per the rules, Madhuri Dixit and Tusshar Kalia also got his Covid test done before joining the show and both reports are negative. Hopefully, Dharmesh will recover soon and return to the show. "


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