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Day of Democracy: Celebrate your participation

Shubham Sharma

The 15th day of September marks another important event. The day commemorates the celebration of a lifelong process. A process owing to which I'm able to write and express my thoughts. The process by which you are able to voice your opinion on certain articles. A very integral process of freedom, which allows us to define the things in our way.

What is this perpetual process called?

Breaking the prophecy, this is Democracy. Yes, the ongoing democracy which we are availing today. The answer may seem awkward, but democracy always moves hand-in-hand with an individual. Not only the political strata, but our lives are today in coherence with this term. With an infant's naming ceremony, where every relative, acquaintance or well-wisher suggests a name independently and discussions are also equally done. Selection of the head boy or head girl of the school or class also involves democracy. From selecting an appropriate fit for a bachelor to the death ceremonials every person is given equal importance. Thus, for every Indian democracy is the essential crux of life.

Democracy in life: From Birth to Death

Now, briefing the general value and importance. Democracy is mostly used in a socio-political essence. It is considered as a system or an administration elected and administered by giving equal importance to each of its stakeholders. Democracy is of the people, for the people and by the people. Each and every group, devoid of caste, creed, religion and gender is given an open opportunity to raise a concern and select the best fit. From Gram Panchayats to the President's election, every single administrative step is today executed around the fringes of democracy. This also includes all forms of rights,be it fundamental or universal. The amendments in the construction, the new laws framed, the verdicts of the apex courts-all are based on the fundamental principle of democracy. The accountability of the elected candidate of your constituency is too an element of democracy.

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How Democracy got recognition?

In 2006, ICNRD(International Conferences on New and Restored Democracies) meeting was held in Doha of Qatar. In the meeting, the fundamental principles of democracy were defined. It was year 2007, Qatar proposed the celebration of International Day of Democracy in UNGA meet. On the suggestion of Inter Parliamentary Union, 15 September was chosen as the date of celebration. This year, the theme for the day is Equal Participation of Women in Politics. The theme is well defined. Today, the adult literacy rate has reached 86%. Unfortunately, women literacy rate in the world is merely 25%.

India: Binding the nation with democracy

India is said to be the largest democracy in the world. From 1951 general elections, today there are 600 million voters which elect their representatives directly without any interference. Indian legislature is complex, though absolutely democratic. Here, people are allowed to voice their opinion. This is despite the fact that the neighbouring countries have fought and are still fighting a long battle in bringing democracy on grounds. Aung San Su Ki of Myanmar and monarchy rule of Nepal are prominent here. Chinese dominance of a single part in election since decades is too, famous. However, there are certain instances such as Emergency periods when our county has observed the democracy in danger. But, there have been times when even Prime Ministers have been punished by the courts without any influence. Chief Justice have too faced impeachment trials. This is the true power of democracy.

Thus, democracy is indeed, an essential component of our moving globe. Without democracy, a rampantly progressive nation cannot be imagined.
Long live democracy!!

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