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Delhi Police pulled up by Court for illegally arresting an innocent man in theft case

Rida Shaikh

Delhi Police have been pulled up by a court in the city for allegedly illegally arresting a man in a theft case. The Delhi Police then reportedly demanded money from the illegally accused's sister by citing the reason for bailing him out because the case appeared to have been solved 'just to solve it.'

Additional Sessions Judge Sonu Agnihotri has instructed the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) of Dwarka to look into the matter concerning the alleged demand of money from the accused's sister. This is to be done on part of the police officials and a report is to be filed on the 13th of January. The Court also instructed the DCP to take immediate reaction regarding the illegal arrest of Ravi Nanda in the theft case. The DCP is also directed to file an Action Taken Report (ATR) on 13th January.

Ravi Nanda was also granted bail on furnishing a bail bond of rupees 20,000 with one surety of like amount in the case.

The investigating officer revealed that the man was arrested just because his sister possessed a yellow motorcycle with red rims and this fitted the description that was given by the complainant. The Court took the action after the investigating officer (IO) made the revelation. The investigating officer then also submitted to the Court when it asked if there can be any other yellow motorcycle with red rims in Delhi. The IO also informed the Court that no Test Identification Parade (TIP) of Ravi Nanda was carried out because the complainant mentioned that he couldn't recognize the thief at the time of the theft because he was wearing a helmet. He furthermore said that no stolen property was recovered from Ravi Nanda.

The judge passed an order on 7th January which said, "Submissions of IO are surprising. IO is asked as to whether in Delhi, there cannot be any other motorcycle of yellow color having red color rims, IO has submitted that there can be. In view of what has been submitted by IO, I am of the view that the present case appears to have been solved just to solve the case and the accused appears to have been detained in illegal custody by IO."

The Court also observed, "When there is no possibility of identification of accused and no recovery of stolen property has been effected from accused, the arrest of accused merely on the basis of fact that sister of accused owns a yellow color motorcycle having red color rims appears to be an act on part of IO of an overzealous police officer who in the garb of solving present case appears to have illegally arrested accused in the present case."


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