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Delhi: Police bust ‘Special 26’-inspired gang who hypnotized innocent people

Vishnu Vasisht

The South Delhi Police have arrested a gang who were committing fraud cases by pretending to be fake CBI officers. The story of the gang led by Lakhwinder alias Shiva, is a similar one to Akshay Kumar starrer 'Special 26', in which fake IT raids were conducted.

The kingpin of the gang used to hypnotize people many times to cheat. After the gang was caught, the police claimed to have solved more than 36 incidents. Police have also recovered 3 luxury vehicles from the miscreants.

In fact, in South Delhi, police were constantly receiving complaints that some crooks are committing raids as fake CBI officers. Based on this information, the police started investigating.

During the investigation, the police found that the target of this gang was women who wore jewelry. The gang leader Lakhwinder used to hypnotize women and take away their jewels before escaping. Apart from this, they used to go to the homes of people and call themselves CBI officers and showed fear of the raid of the police and disappeared with valuables and cash kept in the house, similar to Akshay Kumar's hit film 'Special 26'.

The gang have carried out the fake raids 36 times, in Delhi. According to the police, the gang used to have fun with the money. The gang leader, Lakhwinder alias Shiva, who is from Punjab, loved a luxurious life. Not only this, in order to have fun with his girlfriend, he was committing these crimes by cheating. Even before the lockdown was announced, they had carried out many incidents and had fun in Goa.

They have reportedly spent the money in night clubs having fun. The police have recovered 3 luxury vehicles and jewelry. The police have also recovered an ID card of a fake CBI officer.

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