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Shocking! In an inhumane act, Odisha man poisons more than 40 stray dogs to death

Vishnu Vasisht

Recently, there was a case of feeding a pregnant elephant in Malappuram district of Kerala with pineapple filled with explosives. Due to which the elephant as well as her child who was growing in her womb had died. After the incident, the entire country is demanding strict punishment for the accused. A similar incident has come up in Odisha, where a man angrily killed more than 40 dogs by poisoning them. The police have registered a case, but the accused has been absconding since this incident. The police are yet to catch the accused.

According to the information received, the accused was angry that his goat was bitten by a dog. Angered by this, the young man killed more than 40 dogs by feeding them poison. It is alleged that the youth mixed poison in the pieces of meat and fed them to the dogs, after which these dogs died.

The incident is being reported from the area under Choudwar police station in Cuttack district. The accused, Brahmananda, whose goat died due to a dog bite, planned to kill the dogs and carried out the incident.

After executing the incident, Bramhananda escaped from the village. It is alleged that a person named Bharat Malik has supported Brahmananda in this whole incident. At the same time, after the whole incident came to light, the whole village is in a panic and is demanding strict action against the man for this act.

Recently, a video was also revealed in which a man had put a dog in water to make a TikTok video. As soon as this video surfaced, there was an uproar in the whole country. This video was protested across the country for executing such incidents with animals and people demanded strict action against the person.

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