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Crane collapsed at Visakhapatnam shipyard ,11 workers dead

Debanjana Dutta

The crane crashed into the workers’ heads while they were working in the shipyard. It killed 9 people. Several people were injured. The accident happened on Saturday at Hindustan Shipyard Limited in Visakhapatnam. According to the company, the shipyard was testing how much the crane could carry. The crane collapsed at that very moment. The death toll is expected to rise.

Visakhapatnam police sources said four of the dead were permanent employees of the shipyard. The rest is contractual. Upon receiving the news of the accident, the police and rescue team went to the spot. The bodies were rescued and was sent to the hospital. But at that time 9 people died.

A video spread on social media soon after the accident. It showed how the huge crane was collapsing. At that time the workers were working under him. Many could not move from the spot  because of the sudden occurrence of this. They died when the crane was crushed.

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy has directed the Visakhapatnam district administration to take immediate action after receiving the news of the accident. The Hindustan Shipyard in Visakhapatnam, a coastal town in Andhra Pradesh, also built ships, repaired and built submarines. Visakhapatnam has witnessed several accidents in the last few months. Three months ago, a major accident occurred in the same coastal town with a gas leak from the LG Polymers factory. A few people died.

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