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COVID cases likely to surge in winter

Sanskriti Dalmia

As of 23rd November 2020, there are a total of 91,39,866 cases of covid in India, out of which 85,62,641 have been cured and 1,33,738 people died. And at the present, there are 4,43,486 active cases in the country. 

The decreasing temperature usually results in the spread of common flu during the winter season. The common symptoms for flu and the Covid-19 are the same. some common symptoms are cough, cold and fever which also is also often accompanied by body aches, which can result in confusion and rise in fear among the public. Experts also fear that the usually self-treated common cold would now invite suspicion of having contracted the coronavirus, and this can put a lot of added strain on the healthcare system as it would be very difficult even for the doctors to distinguish between the two just by observing the symptoms.

Dr Richa Sareen, Consultant, Pulmonology at Fortis Hospital in New Delhi, highlighted that "Based on our knowledge of other respiratory viruses, it may be possible that the coronavirus infections might rise in the coming winter months". Experts also say that the virus tends to survive longer in a cold and dry climate. This is because low humidity promotes evaporation of viral particles, which in turn can increase the airborne spread of disease.

 “If we take adequate precaution and follow COVID-appropriate behaviour in the coming festival and winter season, we will be in a better position to fight Corona", said Dr Harsh Vardhan, Union Minister of Health & Family Welfare. It is very important that we understand that the coronavirus has not vanished and will not vanish until the vaccine is made available to each and every citizen. Until then, it is important that we continue wearing masks, washing our hands occasionally, always carry sanitizers and avoid public gatherings.


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